Together We Build

Hundreds of talented people will build and launch their crazy ideas in AI and Crypto together in just 4 weeks. Are you in?

100% Online · 100% Free · Low Time Commitment · $50,000+ in Grants

Applications will re-open soon, get notified when that happens:

Big builder energy

This is the absolute best time to build that thing you want to build. Take all that energy, get it done, and ship together with hundreds of other amazing builders on the same wavelength as you.

No bullshit
No waste of time
No meaningless competition

Is this you?

You want to build in AI (LLMs, ML, Gen AI, etc) or Crypto
You have a few hours per week to build (day job? no problem!)
You did not launch your project publicly yet

If this is you, then you're in the right place.

Here's how

It's simple: build and go for launch in just 4 weeks. Not a fancy big-bang launch―just get your project out there, in the hands of real users for real feedback.

  • Week 1: Lock in your idea and get building
  • Week 2: Find early adopters and get feedback
  • Week 3: Build and iterate
  • Week 4: Finalize and launch
Plus: every week, a couple of optional, chill, async-friendly events that help you connect with other builders and get things done.

One More thing...

Not only is this 100% free for builders, but we will also distribute at least $50,000 in grants to the best projects at the end of the program, so that you can keep building―no strings attached.

Applications will re-open soon, get notified when that happens:


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